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First Reading Level 2: The Daydreamer
Kate Davies

Aesop’s fable retold for beginner readers ready to tackle slightly more complicated storylines and sentence structures. Daisy doesn’t have any money, but she has lots of imagination! When a farmer offers her a gold coin, she dreams of all the things she could buy… and then disaster strikes! Includes several pages of reading-related puzzles. Part of the Usborne Reading Programme developed with reading experts at the University of Roehampton. Also available as an ...

Little book of Easter activities
Fiona Watt

This delightful, pocket-sized activity book is bursting with creative and imaginative activities specially designed for Easter and springtime. Includes simple instructions for dressing up as the Easter Bunny, how to cook loads of yummy Easter treats and how to make cards and decorations. Every activity is clearly and colourfully illustrated with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

First Activities - Easter fun
Fiona Watt, Katie Lovell

A delightful activity book specially designed for sharing with young children. Activities include printed chicks, Easter egg tags and finger-printed tree blossoms, and there are stickers to decorate the projects. As well as being fun, the activities will help to develop important skills such as hand control, coordination and concentration. WARNING! Not suitable for children under 36 months because of small parts. Choking Hazard.

Be Glad It¹s a Boy!
Janikovszky Éva

Some things you feel before they happen. Especially when you're expecting a baby. I wasn't interested in what it would be, because I knew that it could only be a boy. But when I heard that I really truly was a mummy, and I had a baby girl, it never entered my head that I'd been expecting a boy, I was just so happy that it was born at last and healthy and when she cried out I knew that only she could be our child, and no-one else. How could it have been a boy when it was a girl? Translated ...

Just Who Does This Child Take After?
Janikovszky Éva

"When I was little and clever, and kind and pretty everyone knew who I looked like… Now that I’m big and crazy and insolent and stupid, they just sit and sigh and wonder: Just who does this child take after?!" This is how Éva Janikovszky’s teenage hero complains to readers, and if those readers happen to have hit teenage recently, then they’ll get plenty of laughs out of the kind of things that grown-ups keep going on about. On the other hand, should they have survived this ...

At school at last
Janikovszky Éva

What joy and pride is associated with one’s first school satchel! This happy fact is proof that its wearer is now a schoolchild. Danny proudly, happily wends his way to school, where his enthusiasm wanes somewhat but his curiosity grows. To the question put by grown-ups, “Is school a good thing?” - Danny cannot provide an answer. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes bad. His little friend Kitty, who has had to stay another year in nursery school, is curious to know what good school is ...

Roary The Racing Car Pocket Library

Six Roary books in one little library.

Toy story 3 - My first little library

Miniature books for miniature hands! 6 little books - Actions, ccolours, shapes, opposites, Toy time, numbers

Nursery rhymes collection
Lucy Cousins

Miniature books for miniature hands! 4 little books - Wee willie Winkie, Little Miss Muffet, Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumty

The Bob-A-Long Bunnies - The ballet class
Valerie Hall

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