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Spot Goes to the Park - A lift-the-flap book (Board Book)
Eric Hill

At the park, Spot and his friends like to play ball. When Spot throws the ball too far, a new friend helps get it back.

Spot Goes to the Farm - A lift-the-flap book (Board Book)
Eric Hill

Spot's dad takes him to visit the animals on the farm and Spot makes an exciting discovery. This classic lift-the- flap book by Eric Hill is reissued in the popular board book format with a new coloured cover and reoriginated art throughout. Toddlers will enjoying following Spot as he visits the farm and lifting the flaps to see what Spot finds!

Spot Bakes a Cake - A lift-the-flap book (Board Book)
Eric Hill

Spot plans a surprise for his Dad's birthday. Lift the flaps in this lively picture book to see how he succeeds in creating a very special cake.

Spot goes on holiday - A lift-the-flap book
Eric Hill

When Spot goes to the beach he finds all sorts of fun things to do and even makes a new friend.

Who's There, Spot? - A lift-the-flap book
Eric Hill

Eric Hill continues the adorable tales of spot! someone is at the door?who can it be? it?s Helen the Hippo and tom the Alligator, ready to play. spot and his friends spend the day together, identifying who makes each sound during their travels?just as we do when we lift the flap on each page.

1001 knights and castle things to spot sticker book
Hazel Maskell

Join Will the squire on his quest to become a knight, with 1001 things to find and count along the way. Spot eight stinky cheeses at the village fair, ten battered helmets at the school for knights, nine flaming arrows as the castle comes under attack, and a pair of jesters at a fantastic feast – and that’s just the start! Use the stickers of each item to keep track of what you’ve spotted. Hours of puzzle-solving fun that will also help children to develop vital skills.

1001 things to spot in the town
Anna Milbourne

A charming picture book of bustling town scenes bursting with things for children to find, count and talk about. Scenes include a lively carnival, a heaving fishing port, a town park and a crowded shopping street. Helps develop vital word and number skills.

Usborne Look and Say Farm
Jo Litchfield

What's happening on the farm? Turn the pages of this bright and lively board book to find out! Young children will love spotting and naming all the familiar objects

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